Speaker Interviews

A message from the 2014 Co-chairs

David W. Bates, MD, MSc
Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD

Vineet M. Arora, MD, MAPP
Making Transitions Safer

David W. Baker, MD MPH
Literacy and Numeracy and Improving Care in the Chronically Ill

David W. Bates, MD, MSc
Using Evidence Across the Continuum

Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD
Healthcare 2020: Technologies Enabling Effective Transitions in Care

Patricia C. Dykes, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI
Using Health IT to Improve Patient Engagement and Team Communication

Alistair Erskine, MD
Innovation Across the Continuum

Gabriel Escobar, MD, FAAP
Using Big Data & Analytics to Identify and Manage High-risk and High-cost Patients

David H. Gustafson, PhD
The Evidence of Mobile Health

George Hripcsak, MD, MS, FACMI
How to Use Evidence in Inpatient Care: The Columbia Experience

Deven McGraw, JD
Policy, Privacy & Translating Evidence into Practice

Mary D. Naylor, PhD, RN, FAAN
What’s the Evidence of Effectiveness of Transitions

Ann S. O’Malley, MD, MPH
Ensuring Evidence Reaches the Patient

J. Marc Overhage MD, PhD
Evidence in Support of Data Exchange: How It Works